My Go-To Skincare Product For Radiant Skin

I was always that girl with dull, boring skin. I could never find a product that made my skin completely glow and even out my complexion. I struggled with some acne in high school, and I also get the occasional pimple now in my 20’s. I had some acne marks, and I was looking for something to improve those marks. Overall, I just wanted my skin to look 10x better. My skin type is normal to oily depending on the season, and I didn’t want to use a product that would make my skin super dry.

After doing months and months of searching, I stumbled upon this little beauty: Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 1% BHA Gel. BHA’s are amazing skin care products for a variety of reasons. They fight aging, fight break outs, improve skin tone, and more. BHA’s contain salicylic acid, and they are “leave-on” exfoliants. Don’t worry though- they are much gentler than other harsh exfoliating skin products. Basically- if you want glowing skin, this product will make your dream come true.


How do I use it? I apply it every single day after I wash my face at night. I apply a moisturizer after letting it dry on my face for 15 minutes. This is normally the time that I spend meditating or thinking about what I’m grateful for. Then, I apply my moisturizer, and I am ready to go to bed. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks instantly better. A couple of months ago, I was lazy for a week and stopped using it. I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin tone and I had to go back to using it every single day.

Let me know if any of you beauties try out this amazing product!

xo, Stephanie

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