Get Healthy With Me: September Series

September Healthy Series

After a weekend of eating unhealthy foods, I woke up feeling terrible. My stomach hurt, my skin wasn’t looking good, & my body was aching. I loved the late night Taco bell at that particular moment, but in the morning I felt bloated & gross. I realized I needed to take the steps to make a change in my diet and lifestyle. During the month of August, I ate lots of desserts, didn’t work out frequently, and barely ate any vegetables. Its time for a change so..

I am challenging myself to a month of eating healthy and I want you to get healthy with me!

Here are the guidelines:
– Only eat meat 0-2 times a week
– No sugary snacks or desserts
– Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day
– Cut back on dairy consumption
– Lots of fruit & vegetables

I plan on posting podcasts, books, magazines, articles & other resources that inspire me to be healthy during the month of September.

Let’s do this!


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