Get Healthy With Me: Meal, Snack, Exercise, & Website


Meal Of The Week:
Veggie Burger & Side Salad. I visited my sister in Philadelphia and we had an amazing lunch at Not Your Average Joe’s. The veggie burger had guacamole on top & the side salad had a delicious balsamic dressing. I had so much energy after my meal, and normally I just feel like taking a long nap. I loved the energy boost!

Snack Of The Week: Chickpea salad. It is super easy to make for a snack, only requires a couple of ingredients, and tastes so good. I open up a can of chickpeas and throw them into a big bowl. I chop up half of a red onion, and put that into the bowl with the chickpeas. Then I give the mixture a splash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Finally, you put in a little bit of salt & black pepper. Boom! You have a super easy, delicious snack that will leave you feeling full & satisfied.

Exercise Of The Week: Brisk walk. Brisk walks are a great, easy way to exercise. I love to find a nice walking trail, and grab a friend to take a walk with me. We chat about whatever is on our minds and we exercise our bodies. Hello, feel-good endorphins! If it is raining outside and you want to still take a walk, I recommend the mall. Grab a friend or take a walk around the mall a couple of times by yourself. It is a great way to window shop and get your body moving.

Website Of The Week: I enjoy finding new recipes and learning more about health tips & tricks. has recipes, exercises, and articles on happiness/de-stressing. If you are looking for inspiration to eat healthy or exercise, spend some time on this website. You will feel motivated and ready to become a healthier version of yourself.


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