Product Review: Clinique Superbalanced Makeup Foundation


I love this foundation. My mom loves it, my sister loves it, and even my grandma loves it. My grandma has beautiful skin, and she has always used Clinique. So, I had to give Clinique foundation a try.

This liquid foundation is oil-free which is great for my skin that gets the occasional break out. It also balances my skin and controls the oil production. It doesn’t clog my pores, which I sometimes find happens to my skin with liquid foundations.

It has absolutely beautiful coverage. It never looks cake-y even if I apply a lot of it on my skin. (Another problem I used to have with many liquid foundations.) I absolutely love it! If my skin is looking a bit read that specific day, I can apply a lot of it without having to worry about looking like I applied too much foundation.

It comes in 22 shades, and it was very easy to find the best shade for my skin tone. I also have a darker shade for when my skin gets tan in the summer. It feels silky when I put it on my skin, and the color looks extremely natural. The bottle lasts a long time, and I only need to repurchase it once every six months.

I highly recommend this foundation. It even works for all skin types. My mom has normal skin, my sister has combination, and I have normal to oily skin. We all adore it.

What is your favorite foundation? I would love to hear your foundation recommendations!

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