6 Steps For The Perfect Pamper Routine


Grab a cup of tea and turn on your favorite playlist because it is about to get very cozy up in here. Sunday is my favorite day of the week because it is my pamper day. Curious about my tips for the perfect pamper routine? Keep reading..

1. Set The Mood

First thing I do is look around my room. If my room is messy, then I take some time to clean up. My desk tends to get extremely messy through out the week, and I always feel more relaxed when my room is clean. Then, I turn on some relaxing music. I have a special playlist that I play for my pamper days. Interested in it? Leave a comment below and I can write up a podcast on my different playlists. Next, I dim the lights, light a candle, and pour myself my desired beverage. Depending on the day, it is a tall glass of ice-cold water, a glass of wine, or a cup of tea. If I’m feeling extra luxurious that day, I will buy myself some flowers and chocolates for my pamper day. The mood is definitely set for relaxation.

2. Hair Mask

Now it’s time to work on my hair by putting a hair mask on my dry hair. My hair is very dry naturally, so I need to replenish my hair with moisture. Although this mask is supposed to be used overnight, if I put it in around 12 pm and I wash it out around 8 pm, then it works just as well. While I’m letting it work its magic, I move on to the rest of my pamper routine. Here is my favorite hair mask.

3. Bath Time

Oh this is my favorite part of the day. I run myself a wonderful, relaxing bath. I love using bath salts, bubble bath bars, or bath bombs. My favorite bubble bars and bath bombs are from Lush. I can’t wait to get my hands on the holiday collection. During my bath, I love to listen to podcasts. Some of my favorites are Happier With Gretchen Reuben, The Rich Roll Podcast, or The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. I love learning new things while I soak in the bathtub.

4. Eyebrows & Face Mask

Next, I work on my eyebrows. I find plucking them is much easier after I have soaked in the bathtub. I love doing this on Sunday so that my brows look great for the rest of the week. Then, I use my favorite face mask. You can find my review of it here.

5. Dinner Time

After I feel fresh & clean, I love to turn on some Netflix and eat a delicious meal. I’ve been loving watching How To Get Away With Murder recently. It is so suspenseful and a great way to escape reality. I love munching on my meal while being sucked into a television show. Sometimes I eat an unhealthy meal like pizza or pasta. Other times I enjoy eating a salad. It depends on my mood and if I’m feeling like indulging or being healthy.

6. Me Time

Finally, I end my day with journaling, reading, or blogging. I love writing (what a surprise, right?) I always feel refreshed after writing in my journal or my blog. My journal is filled with to-do lists, my goals, and other random stories. After I finish writing, I love snuggling up in my bed while reading a book. I’m currently reading the Harry Potter series. What have you been reading?

I hope you have enjoyed my steps for the perfect pamper routine. Please share, give it a like, or comment below! I would love to hear from you.

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  1. October 21, 2017 / 5:08 pm

    Salt bath & rose clay face mask here! Love your blog<3

  2. Peggy Medberry
    November 19, 2017 / 12:31 am

    Love this!

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