Top Lessons From My Second Month Of Blogging


Time is flying by and I can’t believe I’m already writing a post recapping my second month of blogging. October was my best month yet. I doubled my amount of page views in the month of October, achieved my goal of 500 followers on Instagram and Twitter, and I’m learning which posts are resonating the best with my followers. Keep reading to learn my top lessons from my second month of blogging.

Plan Your Posts In Advance

In my first month of blogging, I would write my posts spontaneously. Although I enjoyed writing whenever I felt my creative juices flowing (which was sometimes at 1 am in the morning), when I started scheduling and planning out my posts, I started seeing more growth in my following. If you consistently post good content, the readers will come. It also was much less stressful when I wrote my posts in advance and I knew a post was going to go up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Guest Posting Is Fun & It Is Great Way To Build Your Audience

In my second month of blogging, I did my first guest post. Guys, it was so much fun. I was really grateful for the opportunity, and it was a great way to spread the word about my new blog. I’m now open to people guest posting on my blog (contact me if you are interested!) and I have a couple of more collaborations planned in the future.

Give Back To Your Followers

I achieved my goal of 500 followers for Instagram and Twitter. As a result, I did my first ever giveaway. I wanted to thank you guys for the amazing support and leaving such positive comments so I went out and bought two Benefit Cosmetics makeup sets from Sephora. I am going to be contacting the winners today, and I can’t wait to send out the packages.

Write Posts That Your Target Audience Will Enjoy

When I first started my blog, I wrote posts on my weekend adventures and my health journey. Although I’m sure some of my followers enjoy reading up on my adventures, I found that my successful posts were not about me, but they were about tips & tricks that can benefit my reader’s lives. I also enjoy writing these types of posts because I want to inspire my readers to live their best lives.

I hope you enjoyed my top lessons from my second month of blogging. How long have you been blogging? What are your top lessons from your experience? Let me know in the comments below!


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