// March 2017 Goals

March started off pretty rough for me. I started this month being single & it has been interesting adjusting to my new lifestyle. I had an amazing realization though. I can now just focus on myself & work on becoming the dream version of myself. I have visualized the person that I want to be for a while now and now I just need to take the steps to make that vision a reality. Although I will still always be there for my family & friends, it is important to make myself a priority as well. So let’s jump right into my goals for 2017.

I have recently absolutely fallen in love with working out. I love the way that it makes me feel & I love how I feel about my body after I exercise.
– Work out 3-5 times a week
– Work on having stronger arms. (I’m starting to write down my progress & I’m excited to see myself being able to lift stronger weights every couple of weeks.)

– Drink more water – I am 10x more productive when I am hydrated.
– Learn to make more healthy dishes – I recently learned how to make this delicious potato dish with avocados. I get so excited when I make it & I want to learn more!
– Drink less alcohol – I really haven’t been drinking a lot of alcohol lately & I have been really happy with how I’ve been feeling. I want to keep that up.

– Plan a vacation with a few best friends – An island? California?
– Try a new restaurant with a few of my best friends – I enjoy trying new restaurants so this will be a fun way to bond with a few best friends.

– Continue to spend more time with my mom, dad, & sister – they always make me feel better after a hard day.
– Plan a weekend trip with the family – I love exploring new places with the people that I love.

– Start journaling every single day again – I really enjoy writing & it is a great way to clear my mind.
– Practice playing the guitar more

What are your March goals? Let me know in the comments below!


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