25 Free Activities To Do This Spring

I can’t believe Spring is finally here. Although the weather has been dreary & cold, beautiful Spring days are ahead of us. If you find yourself bored & looking for some fun activities to do in the Spring, I’ve got you covered. The following activities are also free! So it’s perfect for anyone on a budget.

1. Explore a new town or a new neighborhood
2. Meet up with some friends & take your dogs on a walk
3. Go on a hike by yourself or with some friends
4. Go to the beach
5. Play softball, tennis or another sport
6. Collect seashells or interesting rocks
7. Go window-shopping
8. Visit a free museum
9. Visit a farmer’s market
10. Build a fort & watch one of your favorite movies
11. Stop by your local library & read a new book or magazine
12. Take some photos of the beautiful nature around you
13. Dance in the rain by yourself or with a loved one
14. Have a picnic
15. Gaze up at the stars or clouds by yourself or with a loved one
16. Read outside & enjoy the sun
17. Watch the sunset
18. Have a photo shoot with friends
19. Visit one of your family or friends
20. Make a Spring Playlist on Spotify (Let me know if you would like to see mine!)
21. Draw a mandala
22. Face-time with your best friend
23. Take an evening stroll around your town
24. Do yoga outside (there are plenty of free yoga videos online!)
25. Create a new Pinterest board of Spring outfits for outfit inspiration

Let me know in the comments below if you try any of these Spring activities.


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