April Goals Check In

I can’t believe April is coming to an end. This month literally flew by. May is one of my favorite months so I am excited for what is to come this month. Although I was not able to post my April goals in the beginning of the month, I figured I would post my April goals & report back on how I did this month regarding my goals.
April Goals Check In

1. Drink More Water
Results: Success! I drank a lot more water this month. I bought my first ever Swoop water bottle in a beautiful marble print. Guys this water bottle is life changing. Although it is a bit expensive, it keeps my water cold for 12 hours & it keeps my tea warm for 6 hours. On my walk to work in the morning, I usually drink my entire water bottle. I fill up during lunch & I drink another full water bottle. Finally, I drink another one when I get home. I have felt so much more awake in the morning because I drink water first thing in the morning and during my walk to work. If you are feeling really tired & sluggish, I recommend drinking more water in the morning.

2. Exercise More
Results: Success! There were many cold, rainy days this month & I could not bring myself to get to the gym. However, I didn’t lose my motivation to start exercising more. Instead, I found a couple of great YouTube workout videos online. I was proud of myself for still working out even when I didn’t want to get to the actual gym. I was even feeling sore after my at home workouts.

3. Read 3 Books
Results: Try Again! Although I was only able to re-read one book this month, I really enjoyed re-reading it. It is called Super-Life: The 5 Simple Fixes That Will Make You Feel Healthy, Fit & Eternally Awesome by Darin Olien. If you love learning about health & fitness, then I highly recommend this book. I am hoping to try again with my goal of reading 3 books in the upcoming month.

4. Spend More Time With Family
Results: Success! My family recently had a wake up call that made us realize life is short & we need to be grateful for the time spent with our loved ones. I made it my mission to spend more time with my family. I used to travel almost every other week up to Connecticut. Now I am spending more weekends home with my family & friends. I have become much more positive & relaxed. My mom also has been loving having a buddy to watch the Real Housewives with her.

5. Practice Mindfulness & Meditate More
Results: Success! I found this amazing app called “Breathe” that has you check in with how you are feeling every single day & then provides you with a meditation. They are quick 5-10 minute meditations tailored specifically to your feelings. It also alerts you & reminds you to meditate every single day, which has kept me on track.

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What are your goals for May? Look out for May goals in a blog post soon.

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