10 Healthy Morning Habits

Every single morning is a chance for a new beginning. It’s a new day to start fresh. It’s a new day to make a change in your life or achieve your next goal. If you have a good morning routine, it will set your day up for success. You will be able to start the day with a positive & productive mindset. The majority of people are rolling out of bed unhappy & snoozing their alarm. They are starting their day off with a negative headspace. Don’t let that be you. Below are 10 healthy morning habits so that you can start your day & make it the productive day you’ve ever had.
10 healthy morning habits

  1. Drink a glass of water with lemon in order to hydrate your body
  2. Leave your gym clothes near your bed & out so that you are more likely to go to the gym in the morning
  3. Go to the gym in the morning, stretch or do yoga
  4. Meditate (everyone says to do it because it truly is a great way to start the day)
  5. Don’t check your emails until you are at work or school
  6. Text or call a friend or loved one & tell them to have a great day
  7. Visualize yourself achieving your goals & what you should do to achieve your goals
  8. Write down 3-45 things that you are grateful for
  9. Eat a healthy breakfast (one of my favorites is oatmeal with fruit, nut butter & chia seeds)
  10. Be present while you eat your breakfast (don’t watch television or stare at your phone – fully enjoy your breakfast)

If you implement try at least one of these healthy morning habits, you are more likely to start off your day with a positive mindset & have a more productive day. Leave a comment below if you try one of these habits & let me know if it works for you.


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