Self Love Series: Activities To Do With Your Best Friends + Increase Your Happiness

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As a new season approaches, I like to make a list of activities that I would like to do with my best friends. Sometimes I get so caught up in working & my blog that I don’t make enough time to hang out with the people that I care about in my life. If I make a list, I am more likely to call up my friends & make the plans. As I reflected on this process, I realized I wanted to share this list with you. An important aspect of self-care is making time for loved ones so I have created a list of activities that you can do with your best friends this season. It’ll make you happy, your loved ones happy & you’ll feel more balanced. Make sure to do these activities with people who truly build you up & make you feel great. Your time is precious so it’s important to only spend it with people who make you feel good.

Go apple picking or pumpkin picking

This may seem cliché, but it is honestly one of the most fun seasonal activities that you can do with your best friends. Create a playlist with songs that get you in the mood for Fall to listen to while you drive to the farm. Take a fun photo shoot of you & your best friends while you’re at the farm. Pick your apples & pumpkins. Come home & make some apple or pumpkin pie. (If you are of age, I totally recommend drinking some spiked cider while you are baking) It is a great way to get into the spirit of Fall & you’ll also have some Fall pictures for your Instagram (for those who “do it for the Instagram” 🙂 )

Have a fun night out in New York City with your friends + rent a party bus if you want to kick your night up a notch

If you live near New York City, I definitely recommend a night out with your best friends. There are so many amazing destinations in the area that are perfect for hanging out and relaxing. Pro tip: the key to successful plans is how you organize getting around to your destinations. Driving separately isn’t a lot of fun in the city, and defeats the purpose of getting together. Plus, you want to make sure that everyone stays focuses on having the best possible time instead of dealing with inconveniences. Well, here is a wonderful solution for you: why not rent a party bus from professional transportation company? I recommend NYC Limo & Limousines. NYC Limo and Limousines can add an air of sophistication and efficiency to your night out that would have otherwise been missing.

There will be no getting lost when everyone will be together for the entire evening, and the convenience is well worth the investment especially when you think about the safety. (Safety + convenience is key for a great night out with your best friends) Think about it, a professional chauffeur will pick you and your friends up and take you to each venue on your list. You will be dropped off at the door and picked back up when you are ready. That’s not even considering the fantastic amenities on board.

Kicking back and relaxing won’t be a problem when you consider the spacious interior with customized leather wraparound seating that waits for you inside. For your best friends who feel like dancing, they can take advantage of the hardwood dance floor while jamming to their favorite music on a premium sound system with streaming abilities. It can be hard to get the group together with all of the busy schedules so this is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together for a fun night out.

Craft together

Crafting can be so fun with your best friends. All you need to do is go to your craft store, pick up some supplies, grab some wine & look on Pinterest for inspiration. I’ve painted canvases with my best friends & I was so relaxed from the painting & chatting. It’s also fun to take a picture after with all of your creations. I also definitely recommend trying to go to a paint class. They provide the supplies, you bring the wine, & boom, it’s a great night.

At home spa night

This is another favorite of mine. I would invite some friends & we would all bring something different for the spa night. Someone would bring facemasks, another person would bring nail polish, & another person would bring some snacks & a movie. It is super inexpensive & a great way to bond with your best friends. Pampering yourself is another form of self-love. Why not do it with your best friends?

Go for a hike or a walk around your neighborhood

Endorphins + spending time outside + your best friends = an incredible day. I definitely recommend doing this in the Fall before it gets too cold (if it gets cold in your area). The leaves are changing so you’ll have a beautiful view & it’s not too hot outside. You also get your work out in for the day. Your endorphins will be pumping & you’ll feel great after spending time with your friends.

How are you going to spend time with your best friends this Fall? Let me know in the comments below. Let’s inspire each other to make fun memories with our loved ones this season.

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