Time Blocking: How To Efficiently Plan Your Day

When I used to reflect on my day, I realized I spent a lot of time doing things that were a waste of my time. I remember thinking during a Sunday a year ago, “Wow, I spent the entire day watching YouTube videos, Netflix & on social media.” Now that’s the perfect way to spend your Sunday if you had a very busy week & you are trying to relax or if you are sick, but I wasn’t sick that day & it wasn’t a special treat. I spent the day before watching YouTube videos, Netflix & spending the entire day on social media (& the day before that, & the day before that..you get the picture). Something had to change. I realized I wasn’t planning out my time efficiently. If my entire day was open, I felt like I could do whatever I want & back then, I would gravitate towards spending the time on social media or watching Netflix. I needed structure, I needed goals, & I needed a new way of planning my day. I did my research & I found the strategy: time blocking.

Time blocking allows you to take a look at your entire day & block out time for when you are going to work on certain tasks. I recommend creating a list of everything that you want to do for that day. For example, the task list could contain: working your 9-5 job, working out, meditating, & meal prepping for the next day. Now, write down all of the hours of the day on a blank piece of paper or you could type it out digitally. Write down the hours that you sleep & write down the hours that you work your job. (Pro tip: you can even time block the hours that you would like to spend on a specific task at work). Alright, now the remaining time is what you have left to spend working out, meditating & meal prepping. How long are you realistically going to spend on each task? Block out time for each task during your days.

Now comes the harder part, you need to have the discipline to do the tasks. It’ll do no good to block out the time without taking the steps to do it so go do it. I recommend setting a reminder on your phone so for example, if you plan to go to the gym at 7 pm, create a reminder in your phone at 6:50 to head to the gym. If you are spending time on the Internet or social media, it’ll remind you to stop scrolling. If the reminder still doesn’t make you want to do it, I recommend listening to a motivational podcast or reading a motivational blog post (like one of mine :)). Sometimes hearing some motivational words or hearing other people’s stories can help you want to get up & be productive. Finally, if you still feel like watching television, Netflix, or social media are keeping you from your tasks, block out time for these activities. For example, only allow yourself to check social media when you wake up, during your lunch break or right before you go to bed. Soon you’ll be finding yourself wanting to check it less.

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Hope you all have a great week.

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  1. December 14, 2017 / 1:01 am

    Great ideas! As a SAHM/blogger- time can get really slippery. I’m just going to pin a couple more…and BAM it’s time to get the kids.

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