How To Attract Your Dream Life With The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction has changed my life & I want to teach you how it can change your own life. Keep reading to learn my law of attraction story, how to change your limiting beliefs, & ways to implement the law of attraction in your own life.

Keep reading to learn my law of attraction story, how to change your limiting beliefs, & ways to implement the law of attraction in your own life.

I had learned about the book “The Secret” & I thought the law of attraction was silly. I thought there was no way that you could think something & it could just happen. I thought the law of attraction was not real & it was just a scam. Until one day I put it to the test.

My Law of Attraction Story

I was a senior in college & I wanted to work at a digital marketing agency in New York City. I was applying to jobs & I didn’t spend much time thinking about it. I would apply to a job & then I would forget about it. I would focus on my schoolwork or dumb drama that was happening. I wasn’t hearing back from the companies. I decided to change my approach. I started feeling like I had gotten the job already. I would imagine myself walking from the train station to my new job. I would imagine what I would wear. I even bought a purse that I told myself I would wear to my new job. I would spend 10 times a day visualizing what it was going to be at this new job. Once I shifted my mindset, I started working on my LinkedIn profile, connecting with recruiters, & I started taking the steps needed to get this new job. I shifted my focus & I started having only positive thoughts. As a result of my new thoughts & my actions changing, I was able to get my dream job in New York City.

How To Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Our thoughts are so powerful because we act in accordance to our thoughts. For example, let’s say your goal is to get healthy, but deep inside you think that you are not the type of person to work out. These limiting beliefs will keep you from achieving your goal of becoming healthy. You won’t take the actions to become healthy because your belief is that you will never be a disciplined enough person to achieve what you are trying to achieve.

Let’s be real, nothing worth having comes easy. If it were easy, we would all be successful, fit & living our dream lives. This is YOUR kick in the pants to start working on yourself. Now let’s learn how to change your limiting beliefs.

Where Did The Limiting Belief Come From?

Reflect on your past. What caused this limiting belief? There most likely was an event in the past that caused you to feel the way that you feel. For many people it was something your parents said or maybe something that was said to you while you were growing up.

Once you find that certain event that caused you to have your limiting belief, you need to take some time to reframe that situation. Yes, someone may have said something to you, but was it really true? The mean things that people say are almost always not about YOU. It is something going on with them. In the moment, it hurts, but once some time goes by & we are able to reflect on the situation, we are able to have a new perspective on what happened.

How To Let Go Of The Limiting Belief

Now that we were able to pin point where the thought came from, it is not always easy to just stop thinking about the thought. The thought may still come up, but you need to be able to let the thought go. I recommend one thing: meditation.

Meditation teaches you to view our thoughts like clouds. We need to let them just pass by. If you feel the thought coming up, don’t judge it. Don’t get upset that you are having this thought. Let the thought go.

This will give less importance to the thought & eventually you’ll find yourself not thinking about the thought at all. 

How To Harness The Power Of The Law Of Attraction

Let’s get one thing clear goal setter, the Law of Attraction is not just sitting & waiting for your dream life to plop onto your lap. Sadly that will not work. You need to work. You need to put the time in, but the law of attraction allows for you to attract your dream life faster.

You need to take some time every single day to visualize your dream life. You have to feel like you already have that life. You need to have the emotion associated with it. You need to feel like you are in the moment.

If you take time every single day, writing down your thoughts about your dream life, thinking about your dream life before bed, & putting emotion with these thoughts, then you will start taking action.

You want to make a certain salary at work? If you imagine yourself making that salary, then you’ll start working harder at your job. You’ll act as if you deserve that salary. You’ll begin working on your skills to become this person that has this salary. If your current job isn’t cutting it, you’ll start looking for a job that will give you that kind of salary.

If you let go of your limiting beliefs, shift your focus & utilize the technique of visualization, you will start working towards your dream life.

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Keep reading to learn my law of attraction story, how to change your limiting beliefs, & ways to implement the law of attraction in your own life.



  1. Ola
    November 27, 2017 / 11:33 am

    Hello stephanie, I’m glad I found a blog similar to my niche. I thought I was the only one writing about stuffs like this. Your blog is beautiful.

    You can connect with me on

  2. December 4, 2017 / 2:13 am

    I find it hard figuring out my limited beliefs but once I did, I wrote an alternative and more empowering belief to focus on instead whenever the limiting ones came up!

    It’s a lot of mental energy but definitely worth the time and effort..

  3. December 16, 2017 / 11:56 pm

    I think that this is a very interesting concept. I remember first reading about the Law of Attraction several years ago. I think that it makes sense to imagine yourself doing what you want to attract!

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