10 Small Changes That Will Make You Happier

We’re all after the same goal, aren’t we? We all want to be happy. I know I do. Lately my mood has been much better, and I’ve felt genuinely happier. The happiness didn’t come by accident. I realized the changes that I decided to make in my life resulted in my happiness. The ironic thing is my break up resulted in me taking time to make small changes in my life, which created my happiness. Sometimes a big life event sparks the drive to make a change, but I believe you don’t need to have a big life event in your life to make these changes. Keep reading to learn 10 small changes to your life that will make you happier.

Keep reading to learn 10 small changes to your life that will make you happier.

  1. Put down the phone. Seriously, put down the phone

In the past few weeks, I’ve made an effort to spend more time not looking at my phone. It started with a work out class. I would spend an hour to an hour and half without looking at my phone. I would feel a lot happier after. I then found a seminar that I wanted to attend, and I didn’t look at my phone for an hour during the seminar. It felt so good to spend the time thinking about the seminar topic instead scrolling through my Instagram feed.

Think about it. How many hours a day do you spend on your phone? Try cutting back and see if you start feeling happier.

  1. Exercise 

I know this is a pretty obvious one, but I never used to believe it. I refused to step foot in the gym because I wanted to spend the time in my bed after work instead. Until I found a gym with work out classes that excited me. Now I can’t wait to get to the gym and attend my favorite work out classes. As a result, my mood started to shift as well.

Endorphins are powerful things and they are key to feeling happier. Get yourself to the gym or do a work out at home. Even if you need to bribe yourself with a glass of wine or a cookie! It’s worth it. I promise.

  1. Get outside. Bonus points if it’s with a friend

Yesterday I spent the day outside with one of my friends exploring New York City. It felt so good to get outside and have really great conversations. As humans we crave human connection. We crave the human connection that you can’t find through a cell phone. We also crave nature. So next time you feel yourself feeling down, call up a friend and ask them to take a walk outside.

You’ll feel happier after.

  1. It’s time for a media evaluation, my beautiful friends. What are you watching, listening or reading during your free time? If it’s more negative than positive, then you need to cut it out of your life

Grab a piece of paper or upon a word document on your computer. Write down the television shows you are watching, the songs that you are listening to, and what you are browsing when you spend time online. Our energy is limited. If you keep spending your time watching negative, drama-filled television shows or if you are listening to sad music, it will have an effect on your happiness.

Make a conscious effort to listen to happier music, watch happier television shows or read positive blogs online. You will start feeling happier.

  1. Yoga and meditation are two habits for happiness

Sign up for a yoga class or try a yoga class online. Download one of the many meditation apps (I love Headspace!) and watch the magical effect it has on your life. When I’m upset, I’m able to literally let my sad thoughts drift away. Meditation is an amazing thing. So is yoga. Try it!

  1. Cut back on the alcohol

Have you ever had a night out end with tears? Alcohol is a depressant. How do you feel the next day? I know I feel so unhappy and I just don’t want to do anything to make myself happy. Cut back on the alcohol. One drink or two (if you’re over 21!) can be a nice treat, but once you start pounding the shots, you won’t be feeling happier.

  1. Pay attention to your words and practice kindness

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve made an effort to compliment more people, hold the door for others whenever I can, and have positive conversations with my friends, family and strangers. Are you constantly complaining? Take a look at your words and your actions towards others. Make a conscious effort to be kinder. It’ll make yourself and others happier. Win-win!

  1. Try having more flow experiences

Let yourself write with no distractions. Paint with no distractions. Work on a project with no distractions. Whenever I finish an hour of letting words pour onto the paper or the computer screen, I always feel so much better afterward. Sometimes we just need to pour our energy into something. You will feel happier.

  1. Slow down

I sometimes feel myself rushing through certain tasks just to move onto the next task. As a result, I don’t enjoy the task that I am currently doing. Next time you are drinking a cup of coffee, don’t drink it so fast that you’re finished in 5 minutes. Spend some time sipping it slowly and indulging in the flavor. Slow down in some of your daily tasks for a happier life.

  1. Spend time with happy people

Reflect on who you spend your time with. Is there someone who is negative and always complaining? Limit your time with this person if possible. As I mentioned before, your energy is limited. Surround yourself with good energy.

What makes you happier? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. March 31, 2018 / 6:05 pm

    It’s amazing how little things like going for a walk with a good friend or watching more positive shows can effect you! I’m also an incredibly huge fan of meditation and yoga. They truly leave you feeling calmer and more joyful! I’d also add gratitude journaling to this list – it can be hard at first but you essentially train yourself to find the silver linning and be thankful for all of the goodness in your life. Total win!

    Thanks for sharing! ♡

  2. May 10, 2018 / 1:40 am

    I love how small incremental change can have such a big impact ! Moving your body is an amazing one!!

    Another big one that I’ve been trying to be mindful about is point 7 – the words that you use to describe yourself, situations, your surroundings, your circumstances REALLY impact how you feel and experience life…

    Seppy | http://www.elleisforlove.com

  3. Catherine Roth
    March 10, 2019 / 9:31 pm

    As usual Stephanie i love this post Glad to see u back

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