Healthy Habits To Change Your Life

If you’re looking for healthy habits to change your life, you’ve come to the right place. A new season is approaching, and although you don’t need a new season for a fresh start, it sure as heck feels refreshing. So, grab your coffee or cup of tea, whatever your preference and get comfy. We’re about to get deep about changing your life. It’s not as hard as you think. Also, I recommend turning on the song Anywhere by Attom, Blonde Maze to listen to while you read this. You know, to set the mood. 

First of all, you’re doing great and you have your life together. I promise. But we can always improve, right? I mean you’re reading this so you definitely have a growth mindset. Cheers to that, my friend. Let’s jump into the healthy habits. 

Healthy Habit #1: End Your Day or Start Your Day with Journaling 

Have a million thoughts swirling around your head? Grab a pen and paper and let it all out (or digitally if you’re into that). I can guarantee you will feel better afterward. You don’t have to show anyone this journal. You don’t even have to read it after. I used to write 750 words every single day on the website Trust me when I see it is life. changing. If you’re not into writing, just talking it out helps too. Sometimes a good conversation with a friend or significant other makes it all better. 

Healthy Habit #2: Put the Phone Down and Get Outside 

Vitamin D will significantly improve your mood and spending time in nature is known to help clear your mind and make you feel grounded. We live in such a beautiful world. Look up.

Healthy Habit #3: Embrace Your Passion and Spend Time on It Every Single Day 

So you love photography? Schedule time for it every single day. Whether it’s gaming, writing, knitting, volunteering, etc. put the phone down and work on your passion. If you struggle with anxious thoughts, working on your passion project is one of the best things that you can do, especially doing something with your hands. How do you know it’s your passion? Your eyes will light up when you talk about it and you’ll get butterflies in your stomach when you think about it. For me, that’s blogging. Welcome to my passion project, thank you for being a part of it, beautiful soul. 

Healthy Habit #4: Call Your Loved Ones 

Call your grandpa, your mom, your sibling. Connect with others. It’ll sure as heck make their day and it’ll make yours too. We live in a world where we feel connected, but hearing that person’s voice is so much more fulfilling than sending a text or Facebook message. You’re blessed to have this person in your life. Life is short. Call them. Better yet, spend time in person with them. 

Healthy Habit #5: Get Spiritual 

Now If you’re not a spiritual person, feel free to skip over this section, but whether you believe in the universe, God, or some other entity, spend some time in prayer or meditation. There is something bigger than us out there. When I find myself spending time doing this, I feel more at peace.

Alright, so there are 5 habits, just 5 to try this month. I think you can do it. Better yet, I know you can. I’m your biggest supporter. Let’s improve our lives together. 

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Healthy Habits to Change Your Life

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