That Girl – Healthy & Productive New Month Routine

A new month is a fresh start and a new opportunity to work on your goals. It’s also an opportunity to become a healthier, more productive version of yourself.

That Girl New Month Routine – Step #1: Set the ambience

Light a candle. Put on some inspiring music. Pour yourself a beverage. For me, I love lo fi and a chai tea latte.

That Girl New Month Routine – Step #2: Digitally organize your life

Delete old photos, old texts, or old apps that you haven’t been using. Delete any old notes in your phone or anything that you haven’t touched in weeks. Go through your contacts and delete any old numbers.

Side note – I’m going to be doing a digital organization series on Instagram Story and TikTok, so be sure to check that out if you’re looking for a guide to digital organization.

That Girl New Month Routine – Step #3: Change your phone’s aesthetic

Select a new wallpaper for your phone. Update your icons. Change up your theme. I like to match my phone’s aesthetic to the season. It makes you feel like you have a new phone.

That Girl New Month Routine – Step #4: Declutter or organize your space

Organize your closet, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Make sure your place is clean for the upcoming month.

That Girl New Month Routine – Step #5: Update your calendar

Add in any upcoming events, birthdays or holidays. Plan out your weekends for the month. Be sure to schedule time to be social, but also some time to rest and recharge.

That Girl New Month Routine – Step #6: Create a vision board

I like to create a vision board with inspiration for the upcoming month. I like to include health inspiration, quotes and fashion related images.

That Girl New Month Routine – Step #7: Create a new playlist

Find some new music to work or study too. There are a lot of pre-made playlist for the month that are great too.

That Girl New Month Routine – Step #8: Reflect on the previous month through journaling

Journaling is one of the best forms of self care. It’s also great to look back and see how you were feeling and read what was on your mind that month.

That Girl New Month Routine Step – #9: Plan for the upcoming month (workouts, meals, goals, etc.)

Write down the goals you want to achieve. The workouts you want to fit into your schedule. The healthy meals that you want to try.

That Girl New Month Routine Step – #10: Practice self care so you’re feeling refreshed for the upcoming month

Take a nap. Paint your nails. Have an indulgent bath. Enjoy yourself and take care of yourself, so you are feeling refreshed and ready for the upcoming month.

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