That Girl Habits To Implement This Week

We are our habits. Keep reading for a list of habits to try this week to become “that girl”. That girl who has a balanced life. That girl who puts herself first. That girl who is a great daughter, sister, best friend and person. 

That Girl – Self Care Habits

  • Do something creative 1x/day
  • Limit screen timeline 
  • Read every day 
  • Learn something new 
  • Do something you love 

That Girl – Health Habits 

  • Sleep 8 hours 
  • Eat protein, vegetables and whole grains 
  • Movement 1x/day 
  • Water all day 

That Girl – Work/Life Balance 

  • Morning routine 
  • Log off at a reasonable time
  • Enable flow state 
  • Take work breaks 

That Girl – Cozy Home

  • Have a clean home 
  • Light a candle 
  • Set a good ambience 
  • Have a light heart around others 
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • Have introvert time 

Hope you try some of these habits 🙂

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